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I take those two pictures from Bourjois website, you can see my own swatches below,   I want to show you sort of differences how the actual product looks  like on  brands website and the swatches and pictures of someone who is using it,


Bourjois website shows this shade sort of blue, but this polish is not that blue.

I can say it is sort of blue with grey undertones or green with grey undertones but not that blue..

I love the brush, it really gives you an easy apply although i did not like the handle it just keeps slipping from my hand

this shade does not really looks nice on its own but if you apply a matte top coat it looks gorgeous.

I always say Bourjous please give names to your nail polishes… Just giving them names are so old fashioned not trendy…



Trio Eyeshadow


Duo Eyeshadow

Grand Palais

Single Eyeshadow



Pago Pago

Pure Matte Lipstick

Montego Bay


Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

Train Bleu



Nail Polish






China Glaze Metro Nail Varnish Collection
Skyscraper - Night Sky Blue Sparkle
CG In The City - Plum Silver Bronze Sparkle
Urban Night - Rich Purple Creme
Traffic Jam - Raspberry Pink Creme
City Siren - Red Creme
Loft-Y Ambitions - Dark Wine Shimmer
Brownstone - Dark Terracotta Creme
Midtown Magic - Dark Burgundy Base Gold Shimmer
Street Chic - Chocolate Beige Creme
Concrete Catwalk - Steel Grey Creme
Westside Warrior - Green Creme
Trendsetter - Mustard Yellow Shimmer


Today I got exciting news from Liz Earle , they will be launching new babies in September Smile can not wait to see and try them Smile

It's a skin thing...

they will be launching Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint in September.

I guess this will be the first step for their makeup range Smile


you will have the opportunity to try an exclusive pre-launch sample in August – one month before it hits the shelves


just visit and register Smile


liz earle1lizearle2


Girls, take your sandals out, Smile This definitely for those who suffers from sweaty feet and also for those who often feels scratchy not only my feed , I am a girl who often suffers from itchy skin,



I always suffered from itchy skin but to tell you the truth I did not have any kind of allergies up until 2 years ago one summer day something triggered my body and i spend whole day scratching my self, my skull, my legs, tummy, all my body filled with small spots looks like mosquito bite, I have been to several doctors, even the ones who says he treats using herbs, so he take some blood and he send it to a lab who analyses people’s blood, soon after that I received a phone call from his secretary oh I was excited that my blood test results came back and he will tell me what’s my allergy or what I am allergic to? Oh no, my test results did not turn back but he wants to see me again I have to take another appointment and pay him some more money and talk to, I already did not like him from the first moment I saw his face he had a cheeky look on his face, he had this gold digger look, he had  all those certificates,” oxygen therapy, herbal therapy, hot stone therapy, hypnosis  herbal therapy bla bla “in his office have already been given allergy pills by another doctor, which made me fall a sleep all day.  if you are asking so what is the test results? Well it’s been 2 years I still do not know my results because they are not back yet? I suppose he send them to hell and devils are so busy that I could not get back my results,

I ended up having big spots on my tummy, legs and ankles, but I actually find my own treatment, that was totally my creation of treatment  I bought a small pump spray bottle, i opened up a sparkling water and waited until it goes flat and i poured that into the pump spray bottle put some fresh mints, baby oil, baby talc powder and some lavender oil.


Well yes I was a bit bold. But I did not get the treatment from the doctors, oh what a surprise doctors and me, we are not the best of buddies we can not even be friends with doctors, there is something that avoids us to get on well I do not know what


So after I started my own creation of treatment it worked I stopped scratching and bleeding my self.

please bare in mind that I was taking a big risk,  if you are going to try something like this it is your own responsibility.


After that I had this itchy skin during seasonal change.


I met Liz Earle at one of those days, I was scratching my legs and feet, my husband was holding my hands to avoid me to scratch my self to bits & pieces..


Than I received this lovely spritzer from Liz Earle I use it whenever I need to, It also stays on top of my dressing table so I can reach it whenever I feel scratchy even in the middle of the day…


when I first you use this I can feel and smell mint, oh I love this smell, i feel so relaxed

It dries very quick. leaves a nice smell.  I do not only use this for my feet  I use it on my legs too,

it will be so nice to use it after having a swim taking bath and using this, also walking on sands will be a natural scrub for your feet and when you use this spritzer after your long day

this is a pump spray bottle, it can fit into your hand bag, beach bag or your back pack,

you can use this spray after your gym,  this is really so useful I use this when I feel scratchy and it immediately stops my itchy feeling,  it gives a cool – fresh feeling to my feet.

In summer time we wear sandals, ballerina pumps , I will recommend you to use this spritzer after your pedicure before you start to put your polish on, your feet will rock…


Our face needs care, our body needs care, need moistening, scrubbing but we always forget our feet, those 2 little things are the ones who is carrying our body and we are on   shopping mood and go up&down from a shop to b shop at the end of the day they go on strike and gives us a big pain…

Time time to we need to reward them with small treats like spritzers & scrubs




                               hope now you now understand why talked about allergies Smile

                          I also recommend this spritzer to people who suffers from eczema on their feet !




If you choose to buy Liz Earle  Daily Eye Repair 10ml and Soothing Line Serum 10ml you will receive a complimentary Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion 150ml- saving you an astonishing £9.70! The offer is available until 31st August and costs £25

The offer includes all the products used in Liz Earle eye mask which is part of the Signature Facial in our London treatment rooms. To do a facial eye treatment in the comfort of your own homes,(If you are the ones who gets bored when you go for a skin care @ beauty saloons than this is for you :) if you are fidgety join the club.. best is buy the products do your skin care @home

you  can simply soak two cotton wool pads of our Eyebright and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes. Then apply Soothing Line Serum around their eye contour (gently patting with their ring fingers) and finally apply the two chilled pads for 15minutes and relax. This will help decongest and hydrate the eye area, leaving eyes looking bright and beautiful!



         SLEEK SANTORINI BLUSH          

                santorini blush1santorini blush







This blush might look a bit strong but this is such a lovely pink Umm yes it is a kind of Barbie Pink but there is nothing such as strong shade, if you know how to blend it.





this gloss does not look that pink on the lips, I do not know about others but not on my lips Sad smile

I love the nice taste thoughSmile





monaco es









monaco es13



I am not a fan of Sleek makeup but I love their variation of their shades they use on their palettes

Blushes and other lip products.


This is my 2nd palette from Sleek the other one was peachy palette, I also put my eye on one of their palettes, I keep looking and testing them whenever i go to SuperdrugSmile

if they really want and work for it they can be the new MAC in this sector

they launch nice lipsticks last month i picked  two they are both orangey corals, one is matt, and i am loving it.

it is small but it is nice,

Sleek does not repeat itself. and I think they have very creative guys working for them, 


Ok  thats enough talk about Sleek


Well this is a Mediterranean palette and the shades are chosen according to that,

think of  hot sands, sea of green, pink flowers, blue sunny sky , orange sunset….

just like a dream I can see….


Loved this palette especially midnight garden , magenta madness, humming bird


This palette is not as dusty as dusty as the peachy one but still if  you do not use a primer underneath your shadow it does not show it self…