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I love the gold glitters on this eye shadow.

It is not chalky

It is quite long lasting

It is soft and easy to wear and blend

this is much better than most of high street  or equivalent  eye shadows.

It is quite pigmented

I did not apply any primers underneath the eye shadow




Believe it or not but Enchantress created this shade.. 

it takes time to create the shade you actually want to create.

I will be very happy to hear your ideas on this shade!

It is not in a bottle yet!

But it is my own work …




































  • This little Lady Bug is a Steam Cream,

  • This is the best hand cream I have ever used, I have used many hand creams from Drugstore to High-street brands but none of them really pleased me and after few uses I put them into a box then put the box underneath my bed, so that I would never look for them and attempt to use them.

  • Everyone knows how I love to buy makeup, skincare etc.

  • I am also very fickle,so I get bored very easily.

  • If I do not like something or someone, there is nothing on planet earth that would change my mind

  • Being very straightforward is sometimes good, sometimes not.

  • Honestly I loved this cream, it just melts on skin very easily

  • It does not leave any oily feeling on your skin.

  • When you open the lid you notice it smells of  lavender, there is not only lavender in it, there are also hints of Orange Flower & Cocoa butter. but my nose gets the lavender aroma strongest.


  • I do not only use it for my hands & body. I use it on my face as a moisturizer when I am a bit lazy.

  • They have gorgeous packaging, mine is a Lady Bug

  • Each design is limited edition and once sold out it means it is gone forever.. 

  • Tins are designed in Japan and the actual product made in the UK.


  • Funky eco-friendly packaging designed in Japan and decorated with limited edition collectible designs.


  • It is an award wining hand cream, collecting the accolade of  BEAUTY INSIDERS CHOICE 2010


  • Also after you finish your cream you can reuse the tin






























it is one of the best foundations i have ever used.

it gives me a perfect

it is very easy to blend

It really has a great colour scheme , it has 20 shades.

Although I had difficulties finding the right shade for me

It is a cream foundation with a great coverage

it is about 25 gr and you pay 10-11 USD if you prefer to buy through their website.

It’s oil and fragrance free, although sometimes i feel like it smells like coffee,

You can use it with a damp sponge, beauty blender, foundation brush or duo fibre brushes ( MAC 187)

I get the best result with a wedge damp makeup sponge

If you have yellow undertones it is recommended to buy the shades on Eurasia group.  As I have yellow undertones I purchased 2 shades in that group, not to take any risks if one is dark or light i can always blend it together and use it.

Although I had difficulties finding the right shade for me (Eurasia fair and Eurasia Japanis) .those are a bit dark for my skin, it is been recommended that it will be match on MAC NC30-35 As I have yellow undertones I purchased 2 shades in that group, not to take any risks if one is dark or light i can always blend it together and use it

Both are slightly dark a bit yellow for me,  I feel like I have hepatitis when I wear it without any other makeup.. 

it comes with a clear screw pot, and it does not take much space on your makeup bag as a jar does

it is possibly as big as a Mac blush, although i did not put them together and size them

I ordered them from US as they did not have those in UK stocks and i have to wait so I ordered them online

But if you are in the UK and prefer to buy it from here, Call Treasure House and learn if they have it in stock.


Here is a colour chart, for the shades.



I know through a friend that MD1 & L3 is a bit light 

Layout 1

you can either prefer to get one jar or you can get a it as a palette




This is a products sample which I got from Boots Lancôme Counter. I was unsure at first how is it going to work on my lashes,  as I have thin and odd lashes, not every mascara works on my lashes, I pay lots of money to my mascaras as it is not always possible to get a sample mascara. I try and after few uses i notice my lashes stick together like they have been glued, it falls apart,  it makes clumps on my lashes.

So my makeup bag is full of mascaras used few times and sits and waits the day i will reuse them.


What i can tell about this mascara, this the one of the best Mascaras of Lancome, I always loved Lancome Hypnose Mascaras, but I can not say the same thing for their other mascaras,  I think My Favourite Mascaras on Lancome so Far 1- Hypnose Precious Cells, 2- Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara




in the picture you can see the difference


It gives volume

it lengthens

it does not makes clumps

it separates my lashes

I feel like I have fan lashesSmile


And before I forget this mascara smells lovely, I think it smells rose Smile




A makeup artist's tool kit featuring three, must-have eye brushes.

After over 20 years in the industry, Jerrod brings you a perfectly edited trio of brushes that offer all you need to create endless eye looks. Featuring a Liner/Smudger, Lid/Smoker and Crease/Blender, these brushes are made using "Teddy Bear Hair," an exclusive, supersoft, cruelty free and luxurious synthetic fiber that grabs and blends pigments for a professional-looking application. The synthetic hair bristles are long lasting and clean easier then animal hair brushes.

This set contains:

- Liner/ Smudger brush

- Lid/ Smoker brush

- Crease/ Blender brush


A beautiful palette consisting of 10 natural Eye Shadow shades (including the best-selling shade Kitten) and a limited-edition Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner.


The new Natural Eye Shadow Palette is a beautiful collection of Stila's award-winning Eye Shadows in wearable, neutral shades for every skintone that can be worn wet or dry. The palette also includes an exclusive Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Damsel, a matte chocolate brown, and an eight-page lookbook with detailed how-to tips and tricks.

This set contains:

- 10 x 0.49 oz Eye Shadows in Bare (matte ivory), Kitten (shimmering nude pink), Bliss (matte nude), Sunset (copper shimmer), Sandstone (matte neutral brown), Champagne (pale gold shimmer), Gilded Gold (bronze with gold shimmer), Luster (deep gray with gold shimmer), Night Sky (slate blue with silver shimmer), Ebony (matte black)

- 0.01 oz Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Damsel (matte chocolate brown)