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This is an everyday use powder foundation, it is basically no hassle foundation.

It is in powder form but it is not one of the wet & dry foundations, it is a dry foundation.

You can use it with a damp beauty blender but it must be close to dry


On the application


You can either use ( those are the brushes that I use on powders & powder foundations)

Beauty Blender

sponge applicator

Prestige #100 Powder Brush

MAC 136 Large Powder Brush

Sigma F30 Large Powder Brush

MAC 134 Large Powder Brush

MAC 138 Tapered Face Brush

MAC 150 Large Powder Brush

MAC 131 Duo Fibre Blush & Powder Brush

SIgma F15 Duo Fibre Blush & Fibre Blush

Crown Brush C427 Tapered Duo FIbre Brush

Smashbox Brush #2 Face & Cheek Brush

Shu Uemura 18R Brush  

Smashbox #1 Powder Brush

Shy Uemura #27 Powder Brush


You can use this product as a foundation

as a powder

over your foundation

or you can just apply it to your T-Zone and get rid of the oily areas.


It is quite multi functional and good for oily skins , as it will absorb the oil on your skin

Your face will not look shiny after the application

It will give you a good coverage I can get medium to high coverage.

It does not give a medium coverage but it does a better job.

You can re apply as much as you want during the day

it will give you a natural look.


If you want to buy this product :


it is £14.95  on flhbeauty you will be saving £4.55

Their products are %100 authentic you can take to a MAC Store to confirm



If we look at the packaging It is really easy control , no pumps it is not complicated

It is very easy to blend as it is quite liquid, It blends easily to your skin and it become a second skin,

For the coverage it does not give us a high coverage but you can build up to medium coverage with a heavy application

It is a quite water based foundation.



Also it does not does not moisten your skin, which is not good for people who have dry skin

It does not have Spf,

it is fragranced

It is anti trace formula but it will leave trances until it dries completely

Yes it is a lasting finish foundation but i can not promise you that it will stay 16 hours but it will stay up to 8 hours

It is hard to remove, when you are  removing add a bit herbal oils to your face wash, or just put some oil first than apply your face wash and wash your face,


2nd option is you can remove your makeup with a oil based makeup remover like oily eye makeup removers.


It looks dark in the tube when you apply to your skin it is lighter,


It seems like this shade is a bit peachy pink

Can’t really tell …


if you are looking for cheap, easy wear and water based foundation than go for it.


If you want to buy this foundation :


I have been using Liz Earle Botanical Shampoo & Conditioner for nearly a month now, I postponed writing this review few times, to see if it is really working for my hair or is that me who is loves Liz Earle products is over exaggerating,


During the time I tried Liz Earle, I give one week break and tried some other shampoos waiting for me to use in my basket where I usually store all my hair & bath products.


My hair is very greasy, sometimes I do have to wash it two times a day, or I know the days i take my bath just before I go to bed and when I wake up, I find my hair greasy again which was driving me mad..


I am not lazy but I do hate washing my hair few times a day, so because of that reason I started to live with dry shampoos in my hand bags, on each of my hand bag you can definitely find a small size of dry shampoo.


Ever since I started to use Liz Earle Botanical Shampoo & Conditioner, My hair gets greasy yes it is impossible not to get dirty and greasy but

my hairs get dirty in 2 to 3 days, before using Liz Earle It used to get greasy in a day, which was very difficult to handle,  


I have used many other shampoos before Liz Earle, from Hair Saloon only brands to Natural Organic Brands, herbalist shampoos, home made shampoos, lots & lots big waste of money.


But finally I find something that will work with my hair.


First I used Liz Earle Botanical Shampoo with its matching conditioner with conditioner my hair gets greasy in 2 days, but without using the conditioner it lasts about three days.


One the first day I used Liz Earle Shampoo & Conditioner, I met my husband in town to go out for a drink and he just kept looking at my hair, he kept asking me what did I do to my hair? It looks shiny and volumed That is from am man’s point of view and my husband is not a type of a guy who normally notices small changed I made to my self.Smile

I am so happy using Liz Earle Shampoo & Conditioner. I recommend to peole who have greasy hair like me.



In short words those are really marvellous Smile

This a dirty pink blush with gold pigments.
It is not very visible, it is almost invisible hidden.
This blush is even too light for fair skin toned girls but on darker skins you can easily use this blush as an highlighter, to be able to show you the gold pigmentation on the last two photos, I played with my camera settings to show you the gold pigmentation.
I use this as a base when I am using pink / purple eye makeup, or I apply it to my lips than wear a clear lip gloss on top

























As you know Nicola Robert’s makeup collections are made for fair skinned girls, wishing that they do the same for olive skinned girls like me.. As it is really hard to find the matching foundation shade.


But this lipstick, it is such a nice pinky shade that will go for both of us.


I normally avoid wearing pinks on my lips, as not each shade of pink goes well with me.

But this is a quite versatile lipstick,  I just loved it..


Lipstick is quite long lasting , it moistens my lips.