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This is a pink premier potion.

It is over priced 24.99 USD!

You can go and buy from another brand rather than paying this much money to this product.

It adds a glow, it made rashes on my skin after 10-15 mints applying the product.

I do not like the way it gives a shine to my skin,  I prefer a matte finish primer

I did not like the smell, it just gives me a nausea.

I do not know the others, but it simply did not really worked on me.

This not a product you really must have it,

Although It s very popular these days, I do not think I will repurchase this one.

This product is being over exaggerated by Asian bloggers, websites.

There are many cheap alternatives.

You can see the pictures above does it really looks like it made any changes? my skin looks the same.


To the ones who does not know what BB Cream is?

BB Cream is Blemish Balm Cream












With Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint


After completing the look with Powder













This is the new baby of Liz Earle, which will be in stores starting from September, If I am not wrong 15th of September, so you have less than a month left to buy this baby.


This is quite thick like a foundation, it has a coverage of light foundation, it comes in a squeezable tube.

It is 40 ml, which means it is bigger than MAC

It has the same coverage as face and body foundations.

I find it easy to blend with a makeup wedge, and duo fibre brush, therefore it is a bit difficult to blend it with Buffer Brushes.

I am a person who likes full coverage on the foundations, concealers, powders I use, but I would never think that I will love a skin tint, or light coverage foundation.


I used it few times,  On the first use, I just applied the skin tint and completed my look with blush and eye shadow.


On the pictures I take for this review I completed it with a MAC Mineral Skin Finish Powder


it is both ok whether you wear it alone or use it with a powder, it depends on how you like the coverage,


If you wear it alone without a powder it would last you depending on your skin type between 5-6 hours, with a powder it will last 8 hrs or more.


I fall a sleep while I was watching TV in the afternoon with my skin tint, when I woke up it was still the same as I wore it this was with a powder applied on top.


It also does not leave a shiny look on your face as most of the skin tints does.


It is available in three shades



Beach ( this is the one I am using)


I think 3 shades is not enough, I think there should be more shades.


I am using the darkest shade which is 3 Beach, but the darker ladies will be frustrated until Liz Earle produces more shades.

Sheer Skin Tint has been created to be compatible with all tones, whether yours is yellow or pink


It will be £21 for 40ml


Liz Earle is also set to release some more Makeup Products mid next year!!! which is very exciting


Liz Earle just arrived to the makeup world and I think with this lovely products, she will be pioneering in the makeup sector.


It is good for light coverage foundation, skin tint fans, but I do not really like to apply powder over foundations, tints, I have quite a lot brown spots scattered on my face and body, so the only solution for me is a full coverage foundation, This definitely a good product for light coverage fans but it is not an ideal product for me to use it just like a foundation.  I like it and I use it with a powder than it looks fine.


So What’s your ideas about this Skin Tint?


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