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Bobbi Brown Almost Bare Collection for Summer 2011

“From bronzers to the light shimmery glosses, The Almost Bare Collection creates the gorgeous sun kissed look you get after a day at the beach, one of my favourite sources of inspiration.” — Bobbi Brown

Bronzing Powder

Formulated for all skin types, Bobbi’s Bronzing Powder has just the right mix of red and brown—the colours you’d find in a true tan—to give skin a warm tint of healthy-looking colour. What makes it so wearable? The lightweight mica-free powder applies smoothly and evenly and feels ultra-comfortable on skin. Now, this makeup bag essential is available in two new limited edition shades ideal for darker skin tones.

  • Deep Chocolate (Limited Edition)
  • Rich Cocoa (Limited Edition)
High Shimmer Lip-gloss

Because there’s nothing sexier than glossy lips paired with luminous skin, Bobbi introduces her most high shine gloss ever. This ultra shiny formula glides on smoothly and offers medium to full colour coverage that makes lips look lush and full.

  • Pink Tulle (Limited Edition)
  • Citrus (Limited Edition)
  • Bellini (Limited Edition)
Almost Bare Fragrance

A Bobbi Brown classic, this fresh floral eau de parfum features a delicate balance of inspiring Italian Bergamot blended with Violet Leaves to relax and soothe the senses. The scent is enhanced by a note of Soft Muguet and gentle Jasmine Petals with a Soft Cedar and Warm Amber background


This is MAC’s large duo fibre brush,

It is used for foundations, loose powders, mineral primers, any liquid or loose products.

Before I start to use beauty blender I actually used this brush a lot, I do still use it time to time , when I am bored with using my other brushes

I used it with highly pigmented blushes, loose powders  bronzers, loose blushes

MAC 187 duo fibre brush is not gonna give you a high coverage with your foundations,

I really do not like this brush on foundation applications because it is like a wet sponge, you use more foundation than you suppose to use , to get your look

this brush is like eating my foundation Sad smile

it leaves bristles on my face, which i hate to collect bristles on my face after i finish my makeup


It is good for loose bronzers and other loose products, but MAC 187 and I are not best of buddies.


If you are looking for cheap alternatives, I already mentioned them on my 2 previous posts on MAC and Sigma Brush review,


MAC’s duo fibre brush leaves marks on my face so I have to do patchwork with another brush

But if you are an airbrush fan go for it , I do like high coverage and this brush does not help me with that.

But as I told you before I prefer to use it for other products… 


Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton at her wedding to Prince William

It is pretty sure that you do not need to be a princess to look gorgeous on your wedding day, every women looks wonderful with their bridal dress.


I did not really like the bridal dress, it was simpler than I expected, I was expecting  a magnificent bridal dress but looked nice on her,


According to the Lucky Magazine maybe her dress has been inspired from Maria in Sound of Music .


there are similarities but so look a like…


Let;s go back to our topic, Kate Middleton’s Wedding Makeup


I got a say, she took a brave step to do her own wedding makeup,


As I am into makeup for so many years I did not even do my own wedding makeup, I worked with a pro.


Her wedding make up is pretty natural,it combines with her  modest character.

I also noticed that she prefers natural makeup on her wedding day.

Her wedding makeup is far from being overloaded with heavy makeup but she had a makeup that she looked stunning, and beautiful.

And also her pictures are not brushed up, it was live on TV


Lets start to analyse from her eyes

First she might used a primer of her choice to set her eye makeup and to make it long lasting

A lighter shade used to highlight her brow bones

On her eyes it appears like she used warm tones and create Smokey eyes on the lids, it appears like a gray brown eye shadow is used to create the bridal look, it is not really a dark smokey eyes,

She used brown - black eye liner on the lids and water line


On her eyebrows  she might give her brows with an eye brow gel and it appears like she used brow powders or a cake brow product for her brows.

It does not appear like she is wearing false lashes, even if she does she is wearing individual ones, which looks very natural and very hard to tell if it is her own or individual lashes

She curled her lashes and used black water proof mascara


So to give you a simple idea i am listing the products she might use on her eyes


Eye Brows



Laura Mercier eye brow gel for giving a shape



Stila eye brow powder



eye shadow

Could be cargo cool neutral palette


Urban Decay Naked Palette



Eye Liner

lancome art liner in black

Lancome Art Liner in Brown




Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells or Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara




Her Face




She might use a primer under her foundation it will be  a long day t for her


I guess she uses light –medium coverage makeup in her daily life but this is her wedding day and she will be having a long day so she might went for medium coverage foundation, as her foundation is blended carefully, she might use a beauty blender rather than a brush.

she used a very natural concealer this might be a liquid concealer. it is hard to blend cream concealers

To set her make up she might use makeup setting spray, loose primer, or this could be an HD powder

It also appears like she used line refiner before she applied her foundation to her fine lines on lip area.


when it comes to cheeks, katemiddletonbridal


I think she used a contour powder first,

than she applied multiple ( blush sticks, or cream blushes)duo on top of her contour powder,  than she applied her blush.

she is not a professional makeup artist so it might be hard for her to apply cream blushes,  it appears like it is a smilar product to NARS Multiple duo

than she applied her blush.

and on the lips

The products she might use on her face makeup and her lips she might use a light pink lip stick and than she might use a clear gloss on top of it.


Products she might used on her face and lip makeup








Contour Powder




HD Blush / Multiple Duo / Cream Blush / Blush



she used peaches and  pinks on her cheeks so I am guessing





NARS Multiple



Nars  Orgasm

nars blush in orgasm





Pinch  Me

pinch me







so the lipstick looks like

YSL Rouge Volupte 102 Coral Sun

101 Beige Caress

or Yves Saint Laurent PUR Couture lipstick Pink Coral

it looks like she is only wearing a lipstick she did not apply lipgloss on top of her lipstick



those are the products I am guessing,


National Lavender Week is the 3rd - 9th May 2011. One of the most widely used, versatile herbs known today, there are about 25-30 different species of lavender that have long been used to treat an array of health issues such as digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety and restlessness.

There are many advantages to using lavender in skincare also. It is very gentle and recognised for its ability to calm skin as well as the mind. Lavender flowers can act as a gentle natural exfoliant, while lavender infusion, the water content of the product, has a soothing action on the skin.
Creators of fresh handmade cosmetics, here at Lush we work with only the very best natural ingredients and use lavender extensively throughout all of our ranges for its relaxing, antiseptic and healing qualities. We buy our lavender from the South of France and last year used 280kg of dried lavender and 2000kg of lavender oil in our products.
Lush Co-founder and Product Creator, Helen Ambrosen, says, “You can never go wrong with lavender or choose a more beautiful oil or herb. Every aspect of it is lovely … visually from the colour and beautiful flower, to the scent of the ingredient itself and its properties on the skin. It also benefits everyone and can calm any type of skin.”



Lush embraces this most versatile of essential oils
and uses it in many of its body products. Dream
Cream (£10.25 for 240g) is Lush’s best selling
body moisturiser, favoured by A-list stars such as
Halle Berry. It contains a mixture of soothing
lavender, rose and camomile … and is excellent for
sensitive skins. Many Lush fans comment of Dream Cream’s ability to soothe eczema and other
skinMany Lush fans comment of Dream Cream’s ability to soothe eczema and other
skin complaints, especially when used with Dreamwash shower soap (£8.95 for 250g).
Lavender is also used in our Angel's on Bare Skin (£5.80 for 100g) and Fresh Farmacy
(£4.35 for 100g) cleansers, and in Love Lettuce and The Sacred Truth fresh facemasks
(£5.25 for 75g) for its antiseptic, antibacterial and soothing qualities.

A French Kiss bubble bar (£3.95) contains lavender oil, lavender absolute and even has a
sprig of lavender on top. There’s also a hint of rosemary and thyme – both of which are widely
used Mediterranean herbs and stimulants and antidepressants. The Twilight bath ballistic
(£2.99) harnesses lavender’s sedating properties for the ultimate in relaxation.
Dreamtime (£2.95 for 100g) and Ceridwen's Cauldron (£3.99 for 80g) luxury bath melts
also both contain lavender oil, used here for its relaxing and deodorising effects, plus its beautiful
Antiseptic, antiviral and decongestant, lavender oil is valuable for most skin conditions - promoting
cell regeneration and restoring the mind and body to a state of balance where healing can occur. It
is for this reason lavender is widely used to help acne, eczema and psoriasis and also to treat
burns and all kinds of injuries, promoting rapid healing and scar prevention.
We use lavender oil in our Vanishing Cream facial moisturiser (£15.95 for 45g) and our
Lemony Flutter cuticle butter (£5.80 for 50g) for its antiseptic and soothing properties.
imageThe NEW DIRTY Shaving Cream (£4.95 for 100g) from
the recently launched range by the Gorilla Perfumers at
Lush also contains lavender, along with ultra-softening oats
and moisturising shea butter, to soothe any irritations or
redness and calm sore skin.



Benefit Beauty In A Box

A limited-edition kit featuring a handpicked collection of Benefit’s favourites from Benefit, plus a how-to guide.

Sephora has teamed up with Benefit to bring you this exclusive "Beauty in a Box" set featuring our latest product fixations, plus a step-by-step tutorial. Available for a limited time only.

This set contains:

- 0.16 oz full size Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in R.S.V.P (sparkling champagne)
- 0.14 oz deluxe travel size A Little Bit Badgal Lash Mascara in Black
- 0.34 oz full size Some Kind-A Gorgeous in Medium (sheer natural beige)
- 0.42 oz full size Dallas (rosy bronze)
- 0.4 oz full size Girl Meets Pearl (pearly golden pink)



This is the post that I promised you when I am doing my review on Sigma F15 duo fibre brush

In this post I  will be comparing Sigma F15 Duo Fibre Blush / Powder Brush  and MAC Duo Fibre 131 brush….  Dr. Makeup Temple has 2 patients on the operation table today..

We will be talking pluses and minus of these two patients today…

1-) MAC 131 has shorten handle than Sigma F15

2) Sigma F15 has wider but shorter bristles

3-) MAC 131 has longer but

4-) Sigma F15 has flat bristles

5-)Sigma F15 handle is thicker than MAC 131

6-) Sigma F15 gives us an easy application comparing to MAC 131

7-) MAC 131 is not bad but Sigma F15 is better for foundation

8-)They both do not leave bristles on faceEye rolling smile

9-)Both MAC 131 Duo Fibre brush and Sigma F15 does not leave any streak marks like MAC 187 and Sigma F50 or other Duo Fibre Brushes..

10-)  I can only say one negative thing about Sigma Brushes, I am talking on the Sigma Brushes I have and generally after a certain use and wash they fall apart from the handle, and i used super glue on one of the brushes, now I seriously do not remember which one for sure but as far as I remember it was Sigma F50

11-) If you ask me Sigma F15 or MAC 131 I will definitely say Sigma F15, If I say Sigma F15 than why did I purchase MAC 131 it is because I do not like to use just one brush in one brand, I would not know which one is better if i did not use both two. MAC 131 is not bad, they are at the same quality but at this time I like Sigma F15, both of the brushes has been purchased by myself.

12-)MAC 131 Duo Fibre Brush Cost 40 USD and was a limited edit brush, Sigma F15 is not a limited edit brush on and it costs

13-) MAC 131 is good at applying highly pigmented products, pigments, glitters, NARS Orgasm Blushes, Dark or Red CC, or dark foundations which is used by pros on contouring and highlighting , cream blend foundations, cream blushes

14-) I generally us MAC 131 with liquid highlighters, like Soap & Glory Hocus Focus.

15-) Try mixing your loose bronzer and Liquid Highlighter than apply with using MAC 131 or Sigma F15 you will be amazed…

16-) It is easier to clean these two brushes, I usually wash them with a baby shampoo, I tried to use brush shampoos in past but those shampoos is not really helpful when cleaning up makeup brushes and it leaves a strange scent on the brushes which gives me a nausea, at the end a regular baby shampoo is inexpensive and it is for sensitive skin so it will not give any harm to your brushes.. I am totally against washing your brushes with detergents,  Detergents are carcinogen and baby shampoos are not.

17-) On  my latest post I gave you the dupe list for MAC 131 but I do not mind mentioning it again

  • Sigma F15 Duo Fibre Brush – MAC 131 Duo Fibre Brush
  • Coastal Scents C427
  • Hakuhodou G545
  • Hakuhodou G544
  • Coastal Scents Tapered Duo Fiber Brush