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This is one of my favourite MAC Lip glosses, it gives a very natural look to the lips. easy to wear, and that loving Vanilla scent..

I can simply describe the shade as

in between creamy pink and nude beige

It would be unfair to the lip plumper's if I say it plumps your lips, it does not really plumps your lips but it gives you the the feeling like

This is on permanent  line

I believe every woman must have this shade on their makeup bag.


























The Spring Garden Collection

Take a leisurely stroll down the Earthen path through The Spring Garden, the scent of Pink Lily in the air. The fresh colors of early Spring abound, with the soft green of the Baby Sprout, gentle shade of Blue Hydrangea, delicate Yellow Primrose, silky Purple Aster, fresh White Peony, and the lively Honeysuckle, each enhanced with the elegant sparkle of Dewdrop.

Always free of formaldehyde, phthalate and toluene, the nail lacquers in nubar's The Spring Garden Collection are:

1. Pink Lily – vibrant pink creme

2. Earthen – subdued earthen grey creme

3. Baby Sprout – soft pastel green

4. Blue Hydrangea – muted pastel blue

5. White Peony – ivory creme

6. Yellow Primrose – delicate pale yellow

7. Purple Aster – dusty pastel purple

8. Honeysuckle – cheerful honeysuckle

9. Dewdrop – fine glitter top coat

nubar nail lacquers feature an ergonomically designed cap and a 299 bristle brush built for comfort and performance.

sigma flattop








This is a makeup brush which is designed for flawless makeup

You can use this brush for powder to liquid products.

I personally use this for liquid foundations, creamy products just makes the hairs to go bad, if you have heavy hands like me, I mean  I personally prefer this for liquid products

The hairs are super soft, and sometimes I feel ticklish Smile


This so much better than duo fibre brush


It is easy to use, it does not leave any marks on yours face


Yeah it absolves the product but this brush is one of the best brushes I have used

This brush can take place of MAC 180 which is discontinued long time ago

If i had MAC 180 I would never use it for foundation,
I love this brush ,  it makes my job so much easier than using a traditional foundation brush.
It is one of the long handled sigma brushes, and it is easy to use for beginers
Rather than buying Sigma HD Seires one by one I choose to buy them as a set,
If you decice to buy one it costs 16 USD excluding the shipment
But  if you want to buy it as a set of 3 HD brushes
3 HD Brushes costs 42 USD
Each 3 HD brushes costs 16 usd if you want to buy one by one and it makes 48 USD and by buying them a set you save 6 USD,
Few days ago I washed my HD brushes for the first time, and it took so long to dry, I waited to 2 days to make sure they are totally dry
here is another picture with for you to compare it with other kabuki  brushes
Oh this brush also does not have this funky smell like other kabuki brushes, thats the good part, my nose is quite sensitvie, I can not bare it with strong smell.


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essence show your feet toe nail polish

Pastel is in, pastel is cool! And not just on your finger nails! This spring, your feet can look forward to a color update, too! In keeping with the current “pop pastel” trend, ultra cool high-coverage colors are about to join your toe nail styling sessions. The anti-bacterial formula prevents unwanted discoloration and ensures beautiful and pampered-looking toe nails. Available in four new colors. 1.99 €

essence show your feet whitening toe nail polish


Show your feet! With the whitening toe nail polish, your toe nails will look gorgeous in open-toed shoes. Its formula protects and pampers your nails and makes them look lighter thanks to the pro white effect. Ridges are filled and discolorations are evened out – let the open season for feet begin! 2.29 €*.

essence show your feet nail fashion sticker for toes


The world has never seen this before: With the new nail fashion stickers for your toe nails, you can now also conjure extravagant style to your feet. Simply select the foil in the desired size, stick onto clean nails with the round end pointing to your cuticle and then use nail scissors to cut off the overhanging rest. And that’s it, your eye-catching work of art is done!  1.99 €*.



essence show your feet nail fashion sticker for toes


The world has never seen this before: With the new nail fashion stickers for your toe nails, you can now also conjure extravagant style to your feet. Simply select the foil in the desired size, stick onto clean nails with the round end pointing to your cuticle and then use nail scissors to cut off the overhanging rest. And that’s it, your eye-catching work of art is done! 1.99 €*.

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essence sun club glamour to go eye shadow

Summer, sun, the beach and the ocean – can life get more beautiful than this? Oh yes! With the new eye shadow palettes by essence sun club. They each contain eight gorgeous new colours for ultimate glamour and style. Thanks to the practical mini-format, they are a loyal companion when you’re on-the-go, too! Trendy colours from yellow to orange and blue as well as expressive contrasting colours in black, grey and brown are sure to give any look the desired wow-effect.


01 south beach and 02 long beach. 2.99 €*.



essence 100% splash-proof mascara ultra length & curl Mascara


A Mascara you can rely on: The new sun club mascara is 100% smudge and waterproof. Thanks to the perfect interaction of the curved brush and the special product formula, your lashes receive a boost of extra-length and extra-curve! And the best thing is: All you need to remove it is warm water!
2.79 €*.

essence sun club highlighter powder


Shimmering sunshine from a jar – the new, loose highlighter powder sets gorgeous accents in silver and gold on your face and body for a seductive shimmer. Thanks to the little powder puff and the integrated mirror, the highlighter powder with its special texture is also perfectly suitable for use when you’re on the go or at the beach. A sun-kissed complexion – all year!

3.49 €*.

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essence stands for trendy, unique and high quality cosmetics products at a sensational low price!

As of March 2011, the essence nail art range once again presents innovative and unusual products that allow you to conjure-up trendy styles on your nails. As always, essence offers everything that is hot and new in terms of styling, so there are absolutely no limits to your creativity! Whether you are going for a cool cracked look or a trendy, metallic effect – with the essence nail art products, your nails are sure to be the eye-catchers of the season!





essence nail art magnetics nail polish 

1.99 €*

They caused a stir last year and are still true eye-catchers this spring! The magnetic nail polishes in five trendy colours for a unique nail style, every time. You can conjure-up extravagant effects onto your nails with the matching magnet. Simply irresistible! Available in five colours.



essence nail art magnet

1.79 €*.

The essence nail art magnet makes it possible – nail art of a special kind! And it is therefore absolutely essential for all nail artists. You can create unbelievably unusual and creative nail designs. Used on still moist nail polish, the nail art magnet helps you achieve unique striped patterns and true masterpieces on your nails!



essence nail art cracking base coat

An inseparable couple: The new nail cracking base and top coats simply belong together. Because they need to be applied as a duo to conjure-up the latest styles. To achieve the ultimate trend-look, simply apply one of the two highly-pigmented base coats in champagne or silver and then paint a layer of the cracking top coat on top for a fascinating effect! Around 1.79 €*.









essence nail art cracking top coat

No cracked nails without this top coat! You can create the cool cracked look on your nails with these two nail cracking top coats, available in black and white. Simply apply on top of the nail cracking base coat and watch as a stylish nail design appears in a matter of seconds! The start to the spring season has never been as trendy and casual! 1.79 €*.



essence nail art special effect! topper




Surprising, unexpected and totally hip: The brand new special effect! toppers always have a surprise in store for you! Each of the six versions provide their own unique, extraordinary finish. Golden, multi-colour, glittering silver, holographic, with a white prism effect or purple – these polishes are sure to attract attention for an extravagant appearance wherever you go! Available in six colours.1.79 €*.



essence stampy polish

This nail polish is the perfect partner for all stampy set creations. Its special formula contains a particularly high concentration of pigments to ensure even more beautiful results. Unlimited stampy fun and style guaranteed! Now also available in silver and a total of three colours. Around 1.49 €*



essence nail art twins

The loveliest couples of springtime: Whether you prefer Bella & Edward or Romeo & Julia – these gorgeous nail polish duos are simply unbeatable! Each consisting of a base colour and a glitter topper, these polishes cover your nails with a glamorous look with just a few strokes of the brush! Of course, you can also use the polishes individually or combine them in different ways. Available in seven new colours and a total of four colour-duos. Around 1.79 €*.



essence nail art freestyle & tip painter


For all freestylers and those who wannabe: These tip painters are true artists of style! Thanks to the innovative long and thin brush, you can now not only paint the tips of your nails in the most beautiful colours of the season, you can also use the tip painter to decorate your nails with gorgeous designs. Available in three new colours and a total of seven colours. Around 1.49 €



essence nail art pens

Six times the styling fun! Thanks to their ultra-thin tip, these nail art pens can be used to create extremely delicate, sophisticated and individual ornamental designs on your nails. And to ensure that you can enjoy the creative results for longer, simply apply a layer of top coat to fix and your eye-catching nail style is done! Available in three new colours and a total of six colours. Around 1.99 €*.



essence nail art sticker

Your nail style has never been this individual and unique! Cool nail stickers in various designs conjure-up fascinating looks on your nails and feet this season. Available in one new design and a total of six designs. Around 1.29 €*.


essence nail art tattoo



A tattoo for your nails? Why not? The new nail tattoos are ultra thin and therefore create particularly flat, smooth results. They can be rubbed-on in a matter of seconds and easily removed later! For super cool nail style. Available in two different designs. Around 1.29 €*.

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