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The search for the perfect swim silhouette requires courage! Essie Weingarten, founder and creative director of Essie proclaims. My advice: start your search with a great color. You simply can’t lose if the color fits. This splashy collection makes having fun in the sun even easier. If you’re feeling nervous – and let’s face it, we all do – a perfect mani pedi can give you a major confidence boost. Confidence is the key to being truly sexy!

How appropriate, then, to cavort in a sextet of seductive colors that will give you a leg up. Less is more when it comes to a flirty two-piece, but never skimp on luxe color. Intensely saturated brights and cocquettish pearlescent pastels make a beautiful statement without covering up your impeccable style. Exuberant sky blue casts a spell with charming playfulness. Blazing summer – hot pink pushes the limits, while intensely bright orange takes you past the point of no return. How much gorgeous can a good man take? Shimmering molten bronze tests his mettle and surely bends him to your will. Wherever you find yourself this summer, take the plunge with color that declares: life’s a beach!